Digital Tachometer Gun Rpm Meter Auto Recording Non Contact

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Non Contact Tachometer dengan model gun dan dilengkapi dengan soft case sangat mudah dan aman untuk digunakan.

Ideal for applications where a contact tachometer would be unsafe to use or will not reach. Just apply some of the supplied reflective material to the moving part and point the tachometer at it. The tachometer measures how often the reflective tape passes in a given time and calculates the rpm.

Complete with Batteries, Case & Photo Reflective Paper Complies with RoHS, CE 1 Year Warranty CE Approved 

Mine Handheld Gun Type Design
Wide Range of Measurement and High Resolution
Automatic & Manual Measurement Functions
Data Record and Recall (60 Readings Max)
Max/Min/Avg Value Record Function
Record Time Interval Setup Function
LCD with White Backlight
Data Hold Function
Auto & Manual Power Off
Low Batter Indication
CE & RoHS Compliant

Measuring Range: 2.5 - 99999 RPM
Resolution: 0.1 RPM at 2.5-999.9RPM / 1 RPM at 1000 - 99,999 RPM
Accuracy: 0.02% + 1 Digit
Measuring Distance: 50 - 500mm
Sample Time: 0.5s (above 120 RPM)
Operational Temperature: 0 to 50 Deg. C (32 to 122 Deg. F)
Operation Humidity: 10 to 90%RH
Storage Temperature: -10 to 60 Deg. C (14 to 140 Deg. F)
Storage Humidity: 10 to 75% RH
Dimensions: 145*90*35mm
Powered: via 9V Battery - Supplied
Weight: 120g (Inc Avg Weight Battery)

Set Includes:
Soft Case

Colour box, including English instruction manual

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