Led Grow Light Hydroponic Strip 7 W Lampu Tanaman Hidroponik

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Led Grow light model strip ini cocok dipasang untuk green house hidroponik. Tinggal pasang aja, karena sudah ada base aluminiumnya. Sudah Waterproof ga takut kena siraman air. Tinggal konek ke power DC 12V aja...

0.5M SMD5730 Red/Blue 630nmRed + 450nmBlue SMD Strip Grow Light 

Product Description:

Superbright 5730 SMD LED, high intensity and reliability.

Size: 1.2cm x 50cm

Emitting Color: (Red:Blue=5:1)

Length: 0.5cm

Waterproof : IP68

Working Voltage: 12VDC

LED Quantity: 72leds/m (36leds/0.5m)

Viewing Angle : 120

Wavelength: Red 625-660nm; Blue: 450-465nm

Applications: Plant tissue culture , vegetable cultivation, horticulture and industrial seedling and aerospace ecological life support systems.


Plant growth light environment is an important and indispensable factor in the physical environment , through the light quality regulation, control plant morphogenesis is an important area of cultivation techniques .

According to plant photosynthesis need light , we will plant lights are basically made of a combination of red and blue , all blue , all red in three forms , covering the wavelength range required for photosynthesis .

The visual effect , a combination of red and blue lightpink color plant .

Red light promote plant production germination , flowering,

Blu-ray can enhance the chloroplasts of activities to promote plant photosynthesis

Package Included:

1X0.5M 5730 waterproof LED hard strip light

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