Smart Switch Socket GSM

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Smart Switch GSM bisa dikontrol on/off dari ponsel anda dimanapun anda berada selama terjangkau sinyal GSM.

Multifungsi, bisa digunakan untuk mengontrol perangkat listrik atau elektronik dari mana saja

GSM Cell Phone Remote Control Switch Electric Wireless Smart Socket
Model: SC1-GSM
Current: 10A
Rated Voltage: AC110V-220V
Rated Power: 2200W
Woking Frequency: 900/1800MHz

Wireless remote water pump.
Wireless control lights, fans.
You can control the GSM switch through rings or short messages.
Whether you are on the road or in the office, easy and low cost to control remote appliances.
It can control water heaters, electric motors, electric doors, lights, rice cookers and other appliances.
Feeding the family pet via the GSM switch.

1. it support any GSM SIM card, cellphone call or message can checking of changing its on/off status.
2. it build in GSM antenna and can set 5 master phone number.
3. it can memory status when power cut.
4. it can operate by manual buttom.
5. GSM switch outlet support multi country plug.

Setup Steps:
1. CHANGE Order change the stastus of the socket: SN + four passwords + CHANGE
2. ON Order control the switch connected: SN + four passwords + ON
3. OFF Order control the swicth disconnected: SN + four passwords + OFF

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