Test Speed Optocoupler Sensor Optical Tachometer RPM

Kode Produk: TCH003
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Dengan input voltage 5V bisa pakai charger hp..

Module interface: 
1.DC +: positive power supply module, 
2.DC-: negative power supply module; 
3.VCC: sensor supply positive, 
4•IN: sensor signal input, 
5.GND: sensor supply negative; 
Input signal: 

Can be accessed by mechanical switches, proximity switches, photoelectric switches and Hall switch 

This counter is an upgraded version, with regulated DC power output for sensors work without an external DC power supply. 

Module method: 
The Hall sensor obtains a pulse signal, provided on the shaft circumference, glue grain magnet, so that the Hall switch near the magnet, there is an output signal, when the axis of rotation, it will continue to generate a pulse signal output. Note that when you stick the magnet, the Hall sensor sensitive to the magnetic field direction, you can manually close look before you stick the sensor, to be more close a few times, until the digital display speed; if there is no speed display, you can change direction and try again

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