TDS dan EC Meter Digital

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TDS dan EC Meter Digital dengan Automatic Temperature Compensation

Easy to read and record, with lock the reading, and 5-minute auto shut off feature.
Ideal for test pure water production and consumption, electroplating liquid, boiler water, the fish tank water, swimming pool water cleanliness, photographic rinses, well water, deep well water, laboratory, aquaculture, food processing, family, office, physical and chemical teaching, ionization makeup water, municipal water supply, travel health care etc.

Specification : 

Conductivity : 0 - 9990 us/cm
TDS : 0 - 5000ppm
Degrees Celsius : 0.1 - 80, Fahrenheit : 32.0 - 176
Accuracy : 2%
Size : 154 x 30 x 14 mm

How to use :
1. Pull out the cap
2. Click the button on/off,and insert the plug into the liquid.
3. When the reading is steady,click the button "Hold",then,get the result
4. After use,clear the plug.

Shift between TDS & Conductivity : 
The factory default TDS data, if the conductivity data of the solution is needed , please touch the SHIFT button, the instrument automatically shifted.

Automatic temperature compensation : 
The instrument with automatic temperature compensation function under measurement mode.

Temperature shift : 
Continuous touch the SHIFT button twice, degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit conversed, the factory default degrees is Celsius.

Note :
1. The instrument is a professional instrument, please under professionals instructions in order to avoid instrument failure.
2. Avoid heat, direct sunlight.
3. Please adopting standard buffer solution calibration, incorrect calibration would cause measurement error, thus affecting the accuracy of the test solution, or cause the instrument not working properly.

Maintenance : 
Keep the electrode clean, cover the electrode protective sleeve, please take out the batteries if idle long periods

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